What's at the Group?

The weekly group sessions at Identity are fully decided by all of our young people on a monthly basis, we find this the best way to decide what activities we do as it is decided by the members, for the members. We offer sessions as often as possible to allow members to talk about any worries they may have but even on a week this isn't planned, any member can discuss anything they wish confidentially with a member of the Identity staff.



At Identity we offer a safe space to meet and connect with other LGBTQ young people, to build confidence and self-esteem and join in with some of our activities:

  • ·Air hockey and foosball

  • ·Arts and crafts

  • ·Board and card games

  • ·Cooking and baking

  • Film nights

  • Karaoke

  • Out of house activities, such as bowling

  • ·Pool and snooker

  • Residentials

  • ·Access to information and resources



All of our activities in house are free, some out of house activities or trips require a small contribution but this will never exceed £5-£10. All of our residential visits are free of charge to all members but are on a first come first served basis; donations to help fund these are welcomed, but not required.



During the group sessions refreshments and snacks are available to all of our members.

Get Involved!

IDENTITY is always looking for volunteers! If you think you can give some spare time to a great cause please visit the getting involved page.

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