Rules for Group

With Identity being a youth group, we understand that sometimes things can get a little carried away, this is why we have created a simple but not too strict behaviour policy. Young people are also invited to discuss adding to or changing the rules at group.


All young people who attend the group must adhere to all these expectations, and anyone found to be breaching them  will be asked to leave the group.


We have a three strikes rule at group, and we will address concerns individually with the young person.  Our rules on conduct include: 

  • Avoid offensive language and slurs
  • Respect others' belongings and opinions
  • Respect members and staff at the group
  • Smoke only in designated areas at the group
  • Do not attend group under the influence of drugs or alcohol


Get Involved!

IDENTITY is always looking for volunteers! If you think you can give some spare time to a great cause please visit the getting involved page.

Social Networks

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