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Identity is an LGBTQ group situated in the Halifax/Calderdale area, formerly known as GALYIC. The group offers confidential support and advice to all young people aged 12 - 18yrs regarding sexual and gender identity, home and school concerns, and all other worries they may have. We are based in a secure location in Halifax town center that offers a safe evironment for young people to meet every Wednesday between 17:30 and 20:00.


The group itself is run by experienced members of staff and volunteers that are selected with help of the young people, and that are all qualified to deal with and provide advice on any sexual and gender identity  issues. Kate and Kellie are our youth and support workers who run each session along with volunteers.



Hi, I'm Kate and I'm a worker at Identity Youth Group.

I have worked here for some years now and have loved every minute. I enjoy craft and cooking activities with the group, but my favourite part of my job is knowing that our young people have a safe, supportive space to be themselves. Our young people are an amazing bunch, they are resilient, creative, and inspiring and make me laugh all the time- it's an absolute joy to work with them.


I've worked with Identity for about 8 years; it's a great place to be with lots of friendly faces making it a welcoming environment for any new members and allowing current members to be themselves, make new friends, have fun and get involved in lots of different activities in a safe space.

Identity is going from strength to strength, we have regular new members joining the group, we are promoting our training in schools challenging HBT bullying.



Hey! I've been at Identity since around summer 2014, and seen it grow from just me and a few others to a whole bunch of regulars. My favourite thing about the group is probably the free drinks but of course also people there! I've made a lot of new friends since I joined. The group has helped me gain confidence in myself and who I am, and I've started to volunteer with Barnardo's through the group, which has been a lot of fun.


Hello, my name is James and I've been going to group for years and I love it. We get to all decide on what we do each week so there's always something to do and an excuse for talking to new people and making friends. There's loads of different people so I've never felt like the odd one out when being honest about who I am and so I'd suggest group to anyone LGBTQ.


Hey, I'm Nova. I've been attending the group since November 2014. Attending the group has made it easier for me to come out to people I trust, and during my time there I've been able to become more confident but the best thing about the group has to be the people there. I've made a bunch of new friends, and being at the group is always a lot of fun because the other members are just really funny.

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IDENTITY is always looking for volunteers! If you think you can give some spare time to a great cause please visit the getting involved page.

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